Tuesday, 24 June 2014


we went to the marae with whanau atawhai. we had heaps of fun there. I stayed up real late with the other kids. we made paper planes and had flying races. it was cool.

TiHeis trip to the marae

We all went to the marae and we set up our beds.
Ti-Hei was a bit sick at the marae. 
After setting up our beds we had dinner and ice-cream for pudding- YUM...
I won the prize for the first to go to sleep.
In the morning we had breakfast and cleaned up.
We had games and reading. It was cool. 

marae trip

marae  trip was alot of fun we done heaps of fun things like lpaying and laughing and lerning about the mareae and reading books we also got to maske our own lunch which was cool and made aeroplanes and playing games just having fun cant wait to do it again.ererangi

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Fry bread!!!

  This yummy delicous bread was made by Billy and Denise who will be making it for another sale on the 21st of June  so if you like Fry Bread make sure your at school.                                                  

Tuesday, 4 September 2012


One day me and my cousin Taylor-rose were skipping we did double rope skipping and then we did the both of us in one skipping rope it was so much fun because we were having a skipping rope race every time we play I always start but she always win maybe because she is a better skipper then me and I sometimes like to skip but I don,t always skip but I still like to even with my cousin I like to skip but not all the time because I sometimes like to skip.

whanau atawhai

Uncle mikey went to whanau atawhai and we played touch and it was fun.